Sunday, March 8, 2009

Welcome to One Baha'i Mama's Blog!

It is so exciting to finally have a space to share my musings as a Baha'i mother. All of the blog posts floating in my head for a Baha'i Blog can now escape and be a part of the world wide web for other Baha'i families around the world.

Although there are not many Baha'i families in the world, we are quite a diverse lot. Thus, the name "One Baha'i Mama." This blog will reflect only the experience of one Baha'i mother and her family.

I am looking forward to sharing our experiences of our holidays, Holy Days, and daily life traditions living our lives as a Baha'i family in America. My blog will focus on myself, my husband, G, and our two young children, Iz, age 6 and K, age 3.

Stay tuned to learn of our adventures and explorations of our individual journey about living with faith in a society that wants to leave it behind.

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